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WRAP Raises CSR Awareness Among College Students

Oct 19

By Yin Yin

WRAP co-sponsored a one-day Global Opportunities Conference for more than 300 students and local businesses in Appalachian State University on October 9, 2009.

The conference provided ideas, knowledge, and resources to Appalachian students and the regional business community to identify new export opportunities and job opportunities in an increasingly global world. Topics at this conference included green opportunities in the international arena, global business partners, and international environmental sustainability.

Josh Houser, a senior at ASU and coordinator of the conference of the conference came to appreciate the significance of the WRAP certification program program during his internship as a Holland fellow in China. He said, “As a business student traveling throughout China and participating in various internships, I had the opportunity to visit upwards of 15 different factories across multiple industries. By far, of all the factories I visited, the one that displayed the greatest cleanliness, working conditions, efficiency, and safety was WRAP-certified. The certification was shown proudly in all marketing materials the factory produced.”

Houser also pointed out that WRAP certification is meaningful to both factories and consumers as it has become the standard for the industry. “The difference between a factory WRAP certified factory and not certified one was like night and day. As a consumer, seeing some of the conditions in the non certified factories was both embarrassing and shameful. It was easy to see that a WRAP certification means a great deal to the representatives of the facilities and their dedication to superior standards,” says Houser.

In our future blog posts, we will keep posting more stories about WRAP's engagement in the academia and our contribution to the CSR education. Stay tuned.

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23 April 2010
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16 April 2010
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6 April 2010
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31 December 2009
Interesting reading. Wasn't sure the government had grant money left to dole out.
19 November 2009
WRAP is perfectly amazing. Thanks in advance for the kindness that you are offering. And for the one who wrote this post, thank u for making it! I will surely stay tuned because this your blog is certainly worth reading.
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