WRAP Launches Fire Safety Course In China

WRAP has expanded its highly-acclaimed Fire Safety Training course to China, bringing vital information about fire safety and prevention to the world's largest apparel exporting nation. This move builds on the great success of the course when it was first launched in Bangladesh in 2011 and expanded to Pakistan in 2012. The course will provide brands and retailers in China with the key resoruces they need to ensure proper fire safety practices at their facilities. Several topics will be covered including a review of Chinese fire safety laws, analysis of how a fire starts and spreads, human behavior during a fire, and the 5-step fire risk assessment process. Stuart Webster, WRAP's Vice-President of Education and Training, says so far the course has been a success on many levels."The attendees appreciate learning about fire safety from a preventative point of view as well as through the hands on exercises," says Webster. See our training calendar for upcoming sessions of this course.