Charles C. Masten
Inspector General, U.S. Department of Labor (Retired)

Charles C. Masten was sworn in as the fifth U. S. Department of Labor Inspector General on December 16, 1993. He served as Inspector General until he retired on December 31,1999. He originally joined the Department of Labor on September 23, 1991, as the Deputy Inspector General. Mr. Masten began his law enforcement career in 1973 as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He was assigned to the Memphis FBI Office where he worked White Collar Crimes, Governmental Frauds, Bank Robberies, and extortion matters. In 1977, Mr. Masten was transferred to the Little Rock FBI Office where he served as Supervisory Special Agent for the White Collar Crime Program, Labor Racketeering, General Property Crime Program, Terrorism Program, Foreign Counter-Intelligence Program, Governmental Fraud Program, Fugitive Program, Civil Rights Program, and Anti Trust Matters.In 1985, the FBI assigned Mr. Masten to Washington, D. C., where he handled Special Inquiries matters relating to Presidential Appointees. In October 1987, he was promoted to Program Manager of three of the six FBI Security Programs. In conjunction with this assignment, he also served as an Inspector's Aide-in-Place where he conducted inspections of FBI field offices throughout the United States. These inspections included program audits and financial audits.Prior to Mr. Masten's tenure in the FBI, he served as a U.S. Naval Officer in Vietnam: he was an Assistant National Bank Examiner in the Sixth National Bank Region where he audited banks in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, and, he served as Chief Operations Officer of the Citizens Trust Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Masten graduated from Albany State College in 1965 with a B. S. degree in Business Administration and earned an MBA from the University of Arkansas in 1976. Mr. Masten and his wife Betty reside in Stafford, Virginia.