James Oldham
St. Thomas More Professor of Law & Legal History,
Georgetown University Law Center

In addition to his teaching duties at the Law Center, Professor Oldham spends considerable time in London doing manuscript research in English legal history. His major work is The Mansfield Manuscripts and the Growth of English Law in the Eighteenth Century, two volumes, published by the University of North Carolina Press for the American Society for Legal History. Professor Oldham collects books from and about early modern England and teaches seminars at the Law Center on English legal history and on the history of the jury.He also teaches Bargain, Exchange, and Liability; Contracts; Labor Law; Labor Arbitration; and Torts. He specialized in labor law with the Denver firm of Sherman and Howard, and now serves as a Labor Arbitrator on a number of permanent panels.He is currently the Impartial Umpire for Bethlehem Steel Co. and the United Steel Workers, and Permanent Umpire for Alcoa and the Steelworkers. He is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and recently served as chair of the Foreign Service Grievance Board at the State Department. He is the author of a student text, Labor Law, and has published numerous articles on legal history and on labor and employment discrimination topics.Mr. Oldham holds a Bachelor's Degree from Duke University, a Law Degree from Stanford University, and a Master's of Science in Business Administration from the University of Denver.