WRAP for The Public

WRAP's goal is to make sure that manufacturing facilities operate in a safe, responsible, and ethical way. Through our 12 Principles,  we promote lawful, humane manufacturing in facilities throughout the world via our Certification and Training programs. What sets us apart from other similar social compliance programs is that we focus on the ground level of a supply chain. WRAP only certifies individual facilities, not brands or ownership groups, which means that each WRAP certified facility has undergone a thorough inspection by a WRAP auditor and is subject to un-announced follow-up inspections. 

Because the quality of our audits are crucial to WRAP's mission, all of our auditors receive thorough training via our Lead Auditor Training Program. In addition, we also offer an Internal Auditor Course that educates facility personnel at all levels, from workers to senior management, about WRAP's social compliance requirements and how develop and maintain them within their facilities. Our course offerings have also expanded throughout the years to meet the changing needs of the garment sourcing community. The most notable of these is our Fire Safety Awareness Course which was launched in 2011 in Bangladesh and has since expanded to several other countries around the world.

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