Bring CSR Awareness to Apparel Trade Shows

| Mar 4, 2010 | BY WRAP

The principles of education have different aims.  At the earlier stage, it aims to develop individuals’ physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities.   When they come to a higher level of their education, they acquire necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the development of oneself as well as building a foundation for technological and industrial development.

Apparently, there are still many important subjects that may not cover at school but pick it up gradually from the workplace.  One of it could be the social compliance which is one single subject is not taught at school.  In fact, the evolution of social compliance started about 20 years ago when many sweatshops issue were disclosed in the manufacturing sector in developing countries.  Most of the CSR experts grow their knowledge in such aspects from their experience in the industry.

With the growing concerns of social compliance in today’s commercial world, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) sees the importance of integrating CSR training when people are still at their academic stage.   Starting from 2010, WRAP launched a free 5-day Lead Auditor course to the students of Amsterdam Fashion Institute, and the same course was extended to the students of Institute of Textiles and Clothing of Polytechnical University in Hong Kong since 2015.

The course is initially designed for representatives of WRAP’s Monitoring Partners who are seeking to lead an audit team in auditing an organization’s social compliance management system against the WRAP’s requirement.   Our aims to offer such course to the University students are helping them a better understanding of the value of CSR before they are entering into the workforce.  The course covers the element of why management systems are essential management tools for social compliance, different compliance standards, and the WRAP principles.  The teaching model is interactive that involves case studies, role-play on workers’ interview skill and a virtually facility tour.

Working in which sector and taking what position in their future job is an unknown to many students when they are still at school.   They are also unable to anticipate what challenges will be faced in the future. WRAP always believe in education as it is one of the ways to be sustainable for our future.  Therefore, we hope to equip the next generation with the knowledge we are experienced with and our best guide to support them in the future.

Students are our future.  No matter which areas they are eventually landing with, they will become more conscious of ethical sourcing and manufacturing.  They may also become part of the force to promote social and environmental sustainability in the future.  Social responsibility is not just a business trend, WRAP wants to stay in touch with the new generation and feels our responsibility to extend this knowledge to our future owners.



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