Ethics in Action: WRAP Support Services for Academic Programs

| Nov 2, 2009 | BY WRAP

In our last post, we talked about how WRAP helped raising CSR awareness among college students through its sponsorship. As the world’s largest facility-based social and environmental compliance certification and training organization, WRAP has worked closely with educators, colleges and academics for the past decade as part of our mandate to ensure the certification of LAWFUL, ETHICAL AND HUMANE MANUFACTURING & SERVICES around the world.

Education and awareness of pressing social and environmental issues affecting the workplace today in China, Southern Africa, Central America or S.E. Asia have long been a part of WRAP’s efforts to bridge the concerns of industry, governments and civil society.

A few of the services we extend to educational institutions and academics:

• Coordinating in-country tours & logistics of consumer product manufacturing sites

• Conducting country briefings on labor, health & safety, environmental issues in manufacturing

• IRCA accredited Social Systems Auditor training provides hands-on learning & skills

• Providing event & conference speakers on Ethics, CSR, Responsible Manufacturing

• Customized content in Responsible Manufacturing to support course / study programs

What did professors say about WRAP program?

“We are very grateful to WRAP for partnering with the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and for sponsoring and educating groups of students who are studying in our Production Program in China. Ethical and socially-responsible production is brought home to them via hands-on training.”    — Marian McLaughlin, Head of International Office, AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute

“On behalf of Baldwin-Wallace College, I want to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for all you did…It was perfect for our group and, when coupled with the factory visit provided a moral context for thinking about China’s involvement in the global economy.”  — Dr. David Krueger, Chair-Managerial & Corporate Ethics, Baldwin-Wallace College

“It is important for me to visit manufacturers when I travel so that I can build on my technical expertise in quality assurance, sourcing and textile production. In addition, the university has a study abroad and short course ‘program for students studying textiles and apparel and we would like to expand the program.”  — Nioka Wyatt, Assistant Professor, Philadelphia University, School of Engineering and Textiles

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