Introducing: The new WRAP website

| Sep 20, 2020 | BY Seth Lennon

On Thursday, September 24th, WRAP will be launching a new version of its website, This is the result of a year and a half of visualization, design, and implementation. The WRAP website is meant to be the virtual nexus of all of our activities, especially for training, factory certification, and compliance assurance. This new version of the website is designed to further those goals. 

Immediately- you can see that the new site embraces our new, brighter color scheme. This look-and-feel is consistent throughout all of our print and online collateral, including our newsletter. 

Much of the functionality that our stakeholders are used to, including our world map, remains, but with an updated presentation meant to streamline the user experience. 

Most importantly, this website is designed to function within the mobile environment. In many countries where WRAP has an established presence- including Bangladesh, China, India, and Vietnam, internet use is done more through a mobile device rather than a desktop. Our new website embraces this reality, enabling stakeholders with the ability to interact with WRAP no matter where they are.  

We hope that you find this website useful and informative moving forward. It is a tremendous source of pride for this organization, and we are excited about its long term potential.


Seth Lennon