The New Facilities’ Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

The Facilities’ Handbook is an important tool for all facilities (new, renew, lapsed) who have questions about the WRAP program. It serves as a set of guidelines to help facilities understand the program and complete a successful audit process. As the Handbook is not up…

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An Overview of a Case Study on Health and Safety and Working Hours at the AAFA CSR Workshop

2012 has been a busy year for trade policy in the Obama administration. President Obama and his economic team made numerous changes to the United States’ trade policy—including the merging of trade offices, the creation of trade enforcement units and more—as well as had multiple…

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A recap of Sourcing Summit 2019

In the seventh year of this annual event, “Sourcing Journal” promised to go beyond the headlines to focus attendees’ attention on the new fundamentals for today’s sourcing model; presenting the skills, processes and mindsets needed for success according to industry insiders. WRAP representatives attended the…

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The G7 Fashion Pact: The New Standard?

As many of us know, the fashion industry has dealt with a lot of controversy dealing with environmental issues. On August 23rd, 2019, Emmanuel Macron and François-Henri Pinault, Chief Executive Officer at luxury apparel company Kering, presented the “G7 Fashion Pact.” This pact outlined three…

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How Do You Define Sustainability?

Argentina’s economy has been volatile over the last few decades—the country has still not made good on its international debts following the 2001 economic crisis. Faced with increasing inflation and decreasing economic production, President Cristina Kirchner this year introduced new tariffs designed to protect domestic…

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Help! I’m Starting A New Brand!

Not too long ago, I ventured out to Miami to attend my first industry trade show, Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami 2019. I had no expectations. This was a new world for me, and I went into what I like to call “sponge mode” – basically…

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The “Buying Calculus” of a New Work Wardrobe

As I am writing this piece, we are approaching my first anniversary with WRAP. This past year has been marvelous and has been even more rewarding than I could ever imagine. Now, usually, for milestones such as these- one regularly pens a “plush-piece” full of…

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The Challenges of Reducing Work Hours and Enhancing Safety Compliance

In the last three decades, the garment sector has raised to be the most important industry, in terms of exports, of Bangladesh. A relatively young industry, the speed at which it has grown is astonishing: from 384 factories employing 120 thousand people and accounting for…

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International Labor: A Crucial Social Issue and WRAP’s Impact

British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) is embarking on a very lofty mission. As part of their “Plan A” commitment to become the world’s most sustainable retailer, the company is setting out to train 500,000 workers at their suppliers’ factories by 2015. The goal is…

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Teaching Social Responsibility To Our Future

Since May, WRAP has run a podcast (yes, this is an absolutely shameless plug), where we interview vital figures and thought leaders throughout the apparel/textile production sphere. On the same day that I am writing this blog entry, I am beginning the prep phase for…

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