Yesterday’s Workers are Today’s Owners

| Jul 14, 2017 | BY ktramakrishnan

By Steve Jesseph

In today’s challenging economic times, attracting and retaining customers is a major priority.  If you are a business owner, WRAP certification may help.

As we clearly saw at the August 2009 MAGIC Show in Las Vegas, being WRAP-certified was a distinct business advantage.  The number of buyers who stopped by our booth asking for a list of certified facilities was at an all-time high.  Three buyers told us they attended the show to ONLY visit certified facilities, and they were then leaving.   Small companies looking for new suppliers only wanted to visit socially responsible facilities (i.e., WRAP).  We were busier than in any previous show just directing buyers to the 25 participating facilities.

 “There’s no doubt that our WRAP certification has opened doors with new customers. When I tell them we’re WRAP certified, we get calls with orders in a matter of weeks. It has definitely been good for our business,” said Bill Coffey of Crescent Marketing USA, representative for the large denim facility in Pakistan, Crescent Bahuman Ltd.

The management of the MAGIC Show truly highlighted WRAP-certified facilities by placing a full-page advertisement in the show program, placing a very large display in the main hallway with the names and booth locations of all participating facilities, offering a directory of certified facilities at the information booth, making appointments for buyers with only certified facilities, and more.  For the next show in February 2010 in Las Vegas, all this and more will be provided for participating facilities.

Whether you are in Guatemala or Thailand, China or Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Pakistan, Mauritius or Mexico, or any of the other 60+ countries where WRAP-certified facilities are located, you are welcome to join the WRAP Pavilion in February.  To find out how to join us, please click here.

In the next two weeks, we will send additional information on how to make your participation in MAGIC more valuable than ever.

See you in Las Vegas!