Updates on Chinese Factory Operations After COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has become the “lifeline for mankind” as it poses a challenge to people, communities, and the economy. We all need to work together during these turbulent times. The lockdown of China led to several facilities expanding their shutdowns for the Lunar New Year. This…

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An Overview of a Case Study on Health and Safety and Working Hours at the AAFA CSR Workshop

2012 has been a busy year for trade policy in the Obama administration. President Obama and his economic team made numerous changes to the United States’ trade policy—including the merging of trade offices, the creation of trade enforcement units and more—as well as had multiple…

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Teaching Social Responsibility To Our Future

Since May, WRAP has run a podcast (yes, this is an absolutely shameless plug), where we interview vital figures and thought leaders throughout the apparel/textile production sphere. On the same day that I am writing this blog entry, I am beginning the prep phase for…

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Sourcing efficiency is key to success, and WRAP can help

Last month, the WRAP team headed to San Francisco for the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) Annual Meeting. CEO Steve Jesseph, Vice President of Training and Education Stuart Webster and Director of Compliance Administration Avedis Seferian were in attendance at the valuable education and networking…

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Creating an Environment of Transparency

Manufacturing scenario across the globe is undergoing sea changes- what with amazing technological advancement, design novelties, raw material innovations and so on. But at the same time manufacturers are faced with fierce competition, pricing and delivery pressures. Faced with such a situation, subcontracting is an…

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The Value of Social Compliance

While China remains the world’s leading producer of textiles and apparel, it is no secret that the country has been facing several challenges in recent years threatening this status. Rising labor costs coupled with labor shortages and an appreciation in the value of the Renminbi…

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