Compliance Must Go On

By: Matt Boyce, Online Marketing Specialist, TigerTrade Editor’s Note: This is the first post from our friends over at Tiger Trade as part of a content-sharing partnership with our apparel, sourcing, and compliance industry peers. This fall, Thailand has been in crisis due to relentless…

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Over The Horizon

Over The Horizon By: Russell Jowell & Clay Hickson May 15 During the closing years of the 20th century, the world spent a lot of time wondering what life would be like in the fast-approaching 21st century. Would we have flying cars? Would another planet…

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The Robots are Coming

As a global society, we spend a lot of time pondering about the future. Considerable energy is focused on postulating and predicting about how we might get around, what we might be eating, and how we might be working at a given point on the…

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There’s Certainly Uncertainty

As cliché as it may be, it seems that today more than ever, the only thing that is certain in the fashion industry is change. That was the overarching sentiment from the recent Sourcing Journal summit held in New York City, which WRAP had the…

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5 things you should know about sourcing from Africa

WRAP’s President and CEO Avedis Seferian headed to South Asia to check in on our organization’s compliance activities in the region. Seferian worked in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, with a busy schedule that saw him traveling to seven cities in two weeks. Seferian ran…

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Big Data for Better Compliance

Do you know just how many quality controls we use within our Certification Program? Just like other players in the social compliance world, we are constantly focused on ensuring that our facilities maintain sustainable compliance practices and that the integrity and skill of our internal…

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A Rising Tide Lifts All (Compliant) Boats

For a brief period during my formative years, I had an ardent desire to become the captain of a cargo vessel when I became an adult. Growing up near one of the largest ports in the United States, boats, water, and marine life in general…

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2014: Looking Back & Looking Ahead

In developed societies, humanity excels at a steady pace. Consequently, human rights have become an essential component of both local and global supply chains. Biologically and chemically “clean” goods now also have to be created from other “clean” factors. Rewinding back 15 years ago in…

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What Horse Racing Can Teach Us About Management Systems

Twice a year, WRAP staff head to Las Vegas for MAGIC , the largest apparel trade show in the United States. WRAP has been a proud partner of MAGIC, which is put on by Women’s Wear Daily, for several years. WRAP staff arrived on Sunday…

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Compassion in the midst of Chaos

April 24 is a day that WRAP’s Bangladesh staff members will not soon forget. The day started innocently enough, with all 5 WRAP staff members trying to brave the congested streets of Dhaka to make their way to work. That was when our Bangladesh office…

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