Sustainability: The Blog

When I started working on this blog, I was going to write something completely different. However, a discussion I had while recording an upcoming episode of WRAP’s podcast made me reconsider my initial topic. Since The WRAPCast started, I have always made a point of…

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There and Back Again: Industry Leaders Reflect on 2020 and Look Towards the Future.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the American Apparel and Footwear Association’s (AAFA) Executive Think Tank. This event, which gathers executives and other thought leaders from across the apparel space, is traditionally held in Hong Kong. However, with COVID-19 making…

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Innovation and adaptation in the shadow of COVID-19

During the last several weeks, I have enjoyed talking to several important figures for various episodes of WRAP’s podcast, the WRAPCast. I had excellent discussions with thought leaders such as Godecke Wessel from Foursource, Daniel Sepulveda from the Mexican Footwear Chamber, and Dr. Rubana Huq…

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Introducing: The new WRAP website

On Thursday, September 24th, WRAP will be launching a new version of its website, This is the result of a year and a half of visualization, design, and implementation. The WRAP website is meant to be the virtual nexus of all of our activities,…

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Facemasks: a new frontier for compliance

Since the early part of this year, the facemask has become a necessity in line with your keys or purse. With local authorities slowly rolling back restrictions, it is unlikely that we will be discarding these new essentials any time soon. Let’s take it back…

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The tangible impact of COVID-19

Every level of the apparel supply chain has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Retail outlets are slowly reopening after months of closure. Production facilities around the world are weathering the storm after brands and retailers canceled orders during the pandemic. Even the buying…

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How Do You Define Sustainability?

Argentina’s economy has been volatile over the last few decades—the country has still not made good on its international debts following the 2001 economic crisis. Faced with increasing inflation and decreasing economic production, President Cristina Kirchner this year introduced new tariffs designed to protect domestic…

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Help! I’m Starting A New Brand!

Not too long ago, I ventured out to Miami to attend my first industry trade show, Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami 2019. I had no expectations. This was a new world for me, and I went into what I like to call “sponge mode” – basically…

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The “Buying Calculus” of a New Work Wardrobe

As I am writing this piece, we are approaching my first anniversary with WRAP. This past year has been marvelous and has been even more rewarding than I could ever imagine. Now, usually, for milestones such as these- one regularly pens a “plush-piece” full of…

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The ethics of counterfeit sports apparel

In the last couple of editions of this blog, I discussed the evolution of my own thinking when it came how sports team apparel and memorabilia were sourced. I no longer confined my thinking strictly to the tangible product I picked up via the internet…

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