Innovation and adaptation in the shadow of COVID-19

During the last several weeks, I have enjoyed talking to several important figures for various episodes of WRAP’s podcast, the WRAPCast. I had excellent discussions with thought leaders such as Godecke Wessel from Foursource, Daniel Sepulveda from the Mexican Footwear Chamber, and Dr. Rubana Huq…

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The New Facilities’ Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

The Facilities’ Handbook is an important tool for all facilities (new, renew, lapsed) who have questions about the WRAP program. It serves as a set of guidelines to help facilities understand the program and complete a successful audit process. As the Handbook is not up…

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An Overview of a Case Study on Health and Safety and Working Hours at the AAFA CSR Workshop

2012 has been a busy year for trade policy in the Obama administration. President Obama and his economic team made numerous changes to the United States’ trade policy—including the merging of trade offices, the creation of trade enforcement units and more—as well as had multiple…

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Help! I’m Starting A New Brand!

Not too long ago, I ventured out to Miami to attend my first industry trade show, Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami 2019. I had no expectations. This was a new world for me, and I went into what I like to call “sponge mode” – basically…

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The Value of Social Compliance

While China remains the world’s leading producer of textiles and apparel, it is no secret that the country has been facing several challenges in recent years threatening this status. Rising labor costs coupled with labor shortages and an appreciation in the value of the Renminbi…

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Big Data for Better Compliance

Do you know just how many quality controls we use within our Certification Program? Just like other players in the social compliance world, we are constantly focused on ensuring that our facilities maintain sustainable compliance practices and that the integrity and skill of our internal…

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Investing in the CSR Future

Consumers, governments, and companies have increasing concerns about the sources of the products and services they buy nowadays; they care about quality, safety, ethics and environmental impact. To do business in a transparent way is not just purely a trend anymore, it is also a…

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A Rising Tide Lifts All (Compliant) Boats

For a brief period during my formative years, I had an ardent desire to become the captain of a cargo vessel when I became an adult. Growing up near one of the largest ports in the United States, boats, water, and marine life in general…

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EARTH DAY 2011: What Are We DOING?

By Steve Jesseph, WRAP President and CEO From 1948 to 1975, the political satirist and cartoonist Walt Kelly penned the Pogo cartoon series which appeared in hundreds of US newspapers.  Pogo was a small alligator who lived in the swamps of the Southern US with…

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A “First” for 1,000,000 Year-Old Industry…..

By Steve Jesseph Do you remember your first kiss?  Or, the first time you drove a car?  Or, your first day of class in high school?  Most of us do because they were momentous occasions, days we looked forward to and days which were “milestones”…

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