Thoughts on Social Compliance in Myanmar

| Okt 17, 2014 | BY aseferian

By Steve Jesseph

US consumers are starting to spend again at retail, up to 22% more for luxury goods in January and February compared to the same two months of 2009 according to media reports this week.  Based on what we saw at the giant MAGIC Show in Las Vegas in February, we’re not surprised.  Buyers were visiting the 11 booths in the WRAP Pavilion in a steady stream for all three days.

The organizers of MAGIC provided us with an outstanding location for our Pavilion, right on the main aisle across from the information booth.  This great location made it easy for buyers to find the factories in our Pavilion and quickly see the merchandise offered.  For the additional 15 WRAP-certified factory booths that weren’t in the Pavilion, a map and booth locations were provided to all buyers with all locations highlighted in yellow marker so they could easily find them.

One factory from Mauritius received three of the largest orders in their history:  two because they were on the WRAP-certified list, and the other on a referral from a buyer who requires WRAP certifications from all their suppliers.

At another booth, a Korea-based socks company received enough orders to fill the capacity of their three certified facilities (US, Malaysia and China) for the rest of the year – in the first two days of the show!  The owner was so happy with the orders that he and his sales team left the MAGIC Show early to enjoy the golf and shows of Las Vegas rather than spend time taking orders they couldn’t fill.  They are now having their other two factories in Peru and Korea WRAP certified.

We were privileged to have Mr. Alain Villard, Managing Director of Sewing International S.A. visit our booth.  You may recall that one of Mr. Villard’s factories in Port au Prince, Haiti was heavily damaged in the recent earthquake.  Over 300 of his employees were killed when the building collapsed.   I was honored to be able to present him with the certificate for Sewing International, the sister facility in Haiti that was only slightly damaged.  Ironically, we issued the certification for Sewing International on the day of the earthquake.

We were also honored to have at MAGIC Ms. Giuliana Zucatto, Managing Director of Addis Garment Company of Ethiopia, the first company certified in Ethiopia.  This was their first time at MAGIC, a good show for her company.

Hong Mei, our Compliance Certification Manager who also attended the show, commented that we were approached by more factories than ever asking how to become WRAP certified.  Why?  Because their buyers were asking for WRAP certificates and they saw first-hand that those factories that displayed the WRAP logo in their booth received far more visits from buyers than they did.  WRAP clearly meant more business for them.

We will be back at MAGIC in August.  If you’re interested in participating in our next Pavilion, please contact Yin Yin at as soon as possible to reserve your space.  Join us to experience the Magic of MAGIC.”
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