In Memoriam: Clay E. Hickson

| Jul 12, 2020 | BY WRAP

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, the social compliance world lost a good man. Our little family at WRAP was heartbroken by the passing of our friend and colleague, Clay Hickson.

Those of us who have had the pleasure of working with Clay know what a kind, thoughtful, and dedicated professional he was. It is a great testament to his positive nature that one thing many people who worked with Clay did not know about was the cancer he had been battling for so many years.

Working with Clay was always about the mission, the relationship, the service; it was never about him. And so he was always to be found with a smile on his face, giving good advice with a calm disposition. His refusal to let the disease dominate his life and the sheer dignity with which he lived it were among the inspirational hallmarks of his character.

Over the course of his seven years working at WRAP, Clay contributed mightily to the advancement of our mission and to the betterment of the larger social compliance space. He was our main liaison to the community of brands and retailers that play such a central role on the issue of responsible sourcing, and he helped increase our visibility within the industry through his dedication and hard work. A true leader in our space, he was a regular presence at many trade shows and conferences and a much sought-after participant on committees and multi-stakeholder engagements. The social compliance world is poorer for having lost him, but he left it in a much richer state than it had been before him.

We believe he is in a better place now and we would also like to believe that he can hear us as we say this: Clay – we miss you. Thank you for your time and work here. Rest in peace.



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