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| Feb 22, 2012 | BY WRAP

By Yin Yin

Public voice on the topic of environment is going high in the capital city Washington, DC this week. If you are a local resident, you probably have been to at least one of the 155 films featured by the DC Environmental Film Festival (EFF) on March 16-28. The films are shown at more than 52 venues around Washington, DC, including museums, embassies, libraries, universities and local theaters.

The theme of this year’s festival is to explore the vital connections between food and the environment: how food is produced and transported to our tables affects the condition of our planet. The films address the environmental implications of such diverse subjects as the climate change, the current natural gas drilling boom, mountaintop removal and the mysterious disappearance of frogs, while others point to the success of businesses that are adopting green practices and stimulating the growth of clean, renewable energy. Various subjects lead to one conclusion: we are responsible for today’s deteriorative environment, so it’s time for us to take real actions.

The films call for every individual’s actions towards the environment protection to save our planet. «We humans are a dangerously invasive species. We have a lot to learn and a lot to do if we are to save nature, including ourselves. And we are a visual species. Well-made films can help teach us what we need to know. EFF is a crucial resource, a way to get the right signals to the right brains before it’s too late,» said Neil Patterson, the filmmaker of Darwin’s Natural Heir.

And WRAP is in action. Environment has been listed as one of the 12 WRAP principles since the day WRAP was founded. The organization keeps environment as a guideline in its daily operation, too. For example, it has its employees’ business cards printed on 100% recycled elephant dung paper made in Sri Lanka. It also ordered its marketing materials with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo on. In addition, to celebrate the Earth Day last year, the organization’s headquarters office was closed for the day to encourage its employees to participate in any local environmental activities that can benefit our planet. These actions might be very little contribution to the whole earth, but every effort counts after all.

What are your actions?

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