Rocking the Red (Responsibly)

| Jun 8, 2018 | BY Seth Lennon

On April 26, 2012, WRAP’s President & CEO Avedis Seferian and Compliance Coordinator Kelli Hoggle attended a conference, “Promoting a Comprehensive Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility,” hosted by the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute and the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs.

The day-long conference featured panels on human rights and labor, environment and sustainability, cross cutting CSR and public-private partnerships. CSR, or corporate social responsibility, is currently a focus of the State Department’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs.

Hoggle said she really enjoyed the second panel, titled “Human Rights, Labor and Rule of Law,” as it was relevant to WRAP’s work to ensure labor rights are followed in the factories we audit.

The fifth and final panel, titled “Connecting the Pieces: Opportunities for Public-Private Synergies,” summarized the State Department’s goal for the event—which is to promote engagement between the government and the private sector on CSR and demonstrate its commitment to the promotion of responsible and ethical business practices by U.S. companies abroad.

Overall, the WRAP staff found the conference to be beneficial and engaging—and enjoyed spending time with peers from both the government and private organizations in the social compliance and CSR field.

“I enjoyed meeting people from WRAP monitoring firms and I was encouraged by the Department of State’s efforts to being committed to CSR,” said Hoggle.

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Seth Lennon


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