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The vast majority of WRAP certification audits are conducted by WRAP’s auditing partners, all of whom are accredited third-party monitoring firms where the individual auditors who conduct WRAP audits have to meet rigorous accreditation requirements and undergo a 5 day training course conducted by WRAP and also attend refresher training courses once every two years. WRAP has detailed policies for recognition of monitoring partners, the threshold requirements for which are as follows:

Click here to see a list of current accredited monitors.


  • Monitors and their designated personnel (principals/employees who will be directly involved in WRAP monitoring activities) cannot own any financial interest (including but not limited to equity, debt, or assets) nor hold legal, titular, membership, employment or representational interests or relationships in either the companies or the facilities that participate in WRAP’s Certification Programs.
  • Monitors and their designated personnel cannot be directly or indirectly related in a legal or familial capacity to the facilities and companies that participate in a WRAP Certification Program.
  • Monitors and their designated personnel are prohibited from receiving, at any time, any compensation or promise thereof beyond the reasonable inspection fee negotiated with a factory. This does not preclude the monitor from receiving additional fees for additional legitimate inspections.

Skills (with respect to each country for which accreditation is sought)

  • Working knowledge of the WRAP Production Principles and the information contained in Production Facility Handbook, the Facility Self-Assessment Package and the WRAP Monitors Manual.
  • Working knowledge of the laws and regulations that apply to the relevant category of manufacturing facilities of the specific jurisdiction, including but not limited to the areas of:
    • Labor(all laws and regulations applicable to the employment of personnel and to labor relations)
    • Occupational safety, health, and hygiene
    • Environmental impact
    • Exports and imports
  • Working knowledge of the native language where the facility is located and the predominant language(s) used by its employees. The monitor must include at least one individual with this language capability on every on-site monitoring visit.
  • Experience and working knowledge of shop floor and clerical operations of a manufacturing facility. The monitor must include at least one individual with this experience on every on-site monitoring visit.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3 years audit experience (verifiable)
  • Companies with solid reputation
  • Other accreditation (in management systems programs)

Any organization interested in seeking to become a WRAP accredited monitoring partner should contact WRAP’s Senior Manager of Compliance Administration (Srishti Sharma;

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