Accelerated Learning with Vice President of Training & Education Stuart Webster

| Dec 5, 2011 | BY WRAP

Today, our Vice President of Training & Education, Stuart Webster, gives us insight into the educational style WRAP uses to conduct its training programs. This unique style of teaching, known as accelerated learning, was adapted by Webster after he witnessed a lack of engagement, creativity and the self-described “Death by PowerPoint” syndrome in adult training

Using visual, auditory and kinesthetic styles of learning, Webster actively engages participants to create effective, rather than ineffective learners. Webster’s accelerated learning includes visual cues such as color-coding, pictures, and diagrams, auditory cues such as jokes, anecdotes, music, and kinesthetic, or tactile, methods such as hands-on interactive activities and shorter hour-long chunks of learning.

“This is a whole mind-and-body style of learning,” says Webster. ‘Once we understand how students learn, we create the service we’re going to give them.”

According to Webster, an effective learner is confident, relaxed, motivated, and aware of course and personal objectives. Conversely, an ineffective learner is a person who is worried about the exam, unsure of what will happen, nervous about other students, and concerned about issues outside the classroom.

Webster created the first-ever auditor training course for British retailer Marks & Spencer in 2000. Since then, Stuart has taught hundreds of lead auditor, internal assessor and modular topic-specific courses, such as fire safety and workplace discrimination classes, around the world including classes in Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. All courses are taught using accelerated learning methodology to create effective learners.

In addition to training factory workers, auditors, fashion students and more, Webster also teaches tutors how to instruct courses, a challenge in itself. “We train our tutors to go in seeking to understand what the students’ needs are, how to train them, and how to send the message we’re trying to get across,” he says.

Whether it’s playing tunes from British rock band Oasis, telling jokes about his likeness to Brad Pitt, or engaging pupils with photos and group activities, Webster works to create a comfortable learning experience, build rapport with students, and provide reassurance while clearly delineating course aims and objectives—all essential elements of his accelerated learning style.



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