Colombia Boosted by Retail, FTAs, Infrastructure

| Mar 5, 2012 | BY WRAP

Monica Escobar-Hertzoff, WRAP’s Manager of Compliance & Training for the Americas, spoke in an informational webinar online that was broadcast to the United States Embassy in Lima, Peru, on March 28, 2012.

Escobar-Hertzoff, a native of Colombia, conducted the webinar in Spanish, detailing the importance of social compliance to the export industry and explaining WRAP and its Principles.

Ninety seven people viewed the webinar at the Embassy as part of an initiative with PromPeru, the Peruvian government agency that works to promulgate Peruvian exports. Sixty four more attendees watched on the web.

PromPeru selected WRAP to present because the organization believes WRAP certification can benefit the promotion of Peruvian exports abroad.

“The presentation was very helpful for the audience,” said Alfredo Giraldo, Information Resource Center Director for the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru.

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