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| Sep 9, 2015 | BY mehertzoff

By Hong Mei

MAGIC is right around the corner.  You are ready to fly to Las Vegas and hope to get some orders to take home.  But, there are plenty things to do before you leave for the show.

Remember, MAGIC is the biggest apparel/footwear show in the world.  CEOs, CFOs, designers, sourcing executives from around the world are going to be at the show.  Sourcing at MAGIC offers you THE platform to meet these people.  However, over 700 manufacturers will be competing with you to get orders.   How do you get the brands and retailers’ attention, and most importantly, how do you establish a relationship that is key in getting business?  What do you need to do to help you connect with these people at MAGIC?

Having been to MAGIC for the past three years, I’d like to offer some insights:

  1. MAGIC Match-Making:  You need to return the form before you leave for the show.  What MAGIC offers is matching and arranging a meeting for you with potential buyers.  But MAGIC will have to receive the form before the show to do so.  So, RETURN the form to MAGIC.
  2. Get in touch with your buyers: Contact your current and previous buyers and let them know you will be at the WRAP Pavilion.  Ask them to stop by your booth.   Talking with them face to face is a much better way to communicate than over the phone or via email to establish a good relationship.  Send an email to the people you met during the previous show as well and re-connect with them at the show.
  3. Upload your factory’s WRAP audit reports on panjiva.com: Panjiva’s clients buy products worth US$150 billion annually.  Because of the partnership between Panjiva and WRAP, WRAP certified factories can upload their reports for buyers to see FREE OF CHARGE.  If you have not done so, go to www.panjiva.com/wrap.  It takes only two minutes to upload your report.  Tell your buyers to look you up on panjiva.com.
  4. Plan to attend seminars at MAGIC: MAGIC offers you an opportunity to meet face to face with the speakers at these seminars.  Take a look at the schedule (http://sourcing.magiconline.com/?page_id=395) and plan to attend and go introduce yourself to the speakers.  Tell them what your factory can produce.

If you want more info, find me at WRAP booth at the show.  Good luck with the show!
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