Sourcing efficiency is key to success, and WRAP can help

| Sep 6, 2017 | BY Bonnic Chung

Last month, the WRAP team headed to San Francisco for the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) Annual Meeting. CEO Steve Jesseph, Vice President of Training and Education Stuart Webster and Director of Compliance Administration Avedis Seferian were in attendance at the valuable education and networking summit.

The GSCP is a business-driven program that works to improve working and environmental conditions in global supply chains. GSCP was created in 2006 by international buying companies seeking to work collaboratively toward social and environmental sustainability in the production process. “The GSCP encompasses a lot of the global brands and retailers joining together to create best practices for brands, suppliers, auditing companies and certification,” said Webster.

This year, the GSCP created an Equivalence Process that enables users, such as buying companies and auditing bodies, to benchmark their tools, systems and processes against GSCP protocol, such as social compliance, environmental compliance, auditing competence, audit processes and methodologies

“We will be assessing ourselves against the GSCP’s best practices in the next six months to ensure WRAP is achieving its goals and matching these standards and to show we’re one of the best certification programs out there,” added Stuart.

Following the GSCP conference, WRAP staff remained in San Francisco to attend another conference, held by Business for Social Responsibility.
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Bonnic Chung