The Ultimate Sustainable Eco-Material

| Jun 11, 2010 | BY WRAP

By Steve Jesseph, WRAP CEO

Last week, I had the honor to again address the annual meeting of “Beast to Beauty” in London, England.  It was the best conference on sustainability I’ve attended in the past two years.  Over 70 professionals from all sectors of the leather industry gathered to share the latest in technology, chemistry and sustainability efforts.

The tanning of leather can, and has, created significant environmental challenges for centuries.  However, new technology allows both the chemical and vegetable curing and tanning of leather to have minimal environmental impact while producing very high quality for thousands of applications in automotive, shoes, home furnishings, personal products and more.  Moreover, it was clear to me that the leaders of the leather industry are taking their responsibility for environmental stewardship to heart and are putting their money and resources where their mouths are.  They are investing millions of dollars in new technologies, training, chemical management programs, effluent discharge treatment, employee safety and more.

Simon Yarwood, Publisher of World Leather Magazine and Amanda Michel, head of Leatherwise are to be commended for organizing this third annual conference.

I highly recommend the latest issue of World Leather Magazine for a detailed summary of the “Tannery of the Year” awards issued to the top tanneries in five regions around the world.  These leaders have stories to tell that all manufacturers can learn from.

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