A WRAP certification demonstrates that your facility currently meets (or exceeds) international social compliance standards, providing assurance to potential buyers who value responsible production. Using WRAP to help secure your supply chain raises your profile in the eyes of notable brands and retailers around the world. Scroll down to see examples of companies that accept WRAP certificates.

A preeminent independent certification program.

WRAP is the largest third-party certification program for the sewn products sector. A nonprofit global organization with 20+ years of experience in social compliance, we have staff ready to help facilities all over the world.

Widely recognized and accepted.

WRAP’s certificate is accepted by most buyers. A facility can satisfy multiple clients with a single WRAP audit.

Certification provides assurance.

By achieving a WRAP certificate, you show current and future buyers that your facility meets or exceeds internationally recognized standards for social compliance.

Raise your profile.

All WRAP-certified facilities have the option to be listed on WRAP’s website, permitting buyers to locate your facility and see that it is WRAP-certified. Facilities have the option of using an approved ‘WRAP-Certified Facility’ logo on your website and promotional materials.

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Our global presence amplifies your brand’s reach.

WRAP has a global network of approved monitors, with WRAP-trained and APSCA-accredited auditors, ensuring your audit is conducted by experts who meet the highest possible standards.

You’ll have an engaged partner.

Our audit process may identify corrective actions resulting in a tailored corrective action plan. You will know exactly what is required to complete the audit and obtain a WRAP certification.

Secure your supply chain.

Our certification process takes into account WRAP Principle 12 (Security), which is benchmarked to the minimum security requirements under the CTPAT program. This can mitigate the need for a separate supply chain security audit.

Walmart now accepts WRAP certificates to fulfill its requirements for supply chain security (in addition to responsible sourcing). We are the only third-party certification program recognized by the retailer in both categories.

Click here to view some of the many global buyers that accept WRAP certificates.

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Value you can believe in.

Currently, our registration fee is only US$1,195, and auditor fees are comparable to other programs based on facility size.

We recognize that smaller facilities require fewer resources during the audit process, so later this year, we will implement a new pricing structure which aligns registration fees with facility size. This will ensure program costs are equitably distributed among our stakeholders. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Quality you can trust.

No other program provides the same level of support and quality control.

The choice is clear – choose WRAP!