Renewing a WRAP certification

Renewals are more streamlined than the original registration process, but each facility must still undergo a new audit to ensure continued compliance.

All WRAP audits — including those conducted for the purposes of a renewal — take into account new, evolving, and prospective regulations. As such, prior certification does not ensure renewal. Every certificate we issue affirms that a facility has proven its operations are safe, humane, and sustainable in accordance with current international standards and local laws. Scroll down to learn more about the renewal process.


Submission period starts

Facilities can apply to renew their certification up to 90 days before their current certificate’s expiration date.

When this submission period begins, your facility’s renewal application will become available on your Dashboard in the user platform. It can be completed anytime. You will also be notified via email. If your certificate’s expiration date is less than 90 days away and you have not received this email, please reach out to us at


Double check factory information

Confirm that your facility’s name and address have not changed since the previous application was submitted.

If this information needs to be updated, please complete the necessary forms, which you can find here. A new WRAP ID will be generated if your facility is in a new location. You may then submit a renewal application.


Update production, staff, and operations information

Update any information that is subject to change over a the course of a given year. This includes the current number of workers employed at your facility, the types of products you manufacture, and buyers you work with.


Pay registration fee

You will be prompted to pay the registration fee. Once paid, the monitoring firm identified on the application will initiate an audit.


Schedule full facility audit

The monitor will reach out to share more information about their audit fees and schedule a four-week window for the full facility audit.


Complete audit

From here, the process is identical to the original certification proceedings for new facilities, including the full factory audit and evaluations of the final audit report by WRAP staff and an independent review board.