Moreover, rating organizations are increasingly evaluating companies’ ESG commitments and there is a growing movement towards mandated reporting on specific metrics, such as carbon emissions. 

While our organization primarily focuses on the social element of ESG, we have developed an introductory training course for companies that are just getting started. This course provides relevant context and helpful insights for buyers, brands, and manufacturers seeking to establish or build out ESG programs within their respective business models. It can be completed in approximately two to three hours. 


Open to all buyer, manufacturer, and monitor staff.

Admission requirements

No prerequisites.

Topics covered

  • An overview of ESG
  • History and origins 
  • Benefits of corporate ESG programs
  • Materiality of ESG 
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) vs ESG
  • Sustainable development goals (SDGs) vs ESG
  • Strategic tips for getting started  
  • Environmental challenges 
  • Legal compliance, social, and security issues 
  • Identifying and assessing key performance indicators
  • Monitoring parameters 
  • Reporting requirements and best practices
  • WRAP’s audit standards 
  • Guidance for developing and implementing action plans

Inquire about Introduction to ESG

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