This two-day course bridges the divide between being an APSCA CSCA and a WRAP-accredited Lead Auditor. It introduces our program, including an overview of the audit process and relevant documentation. It also breaks down WRAP’s 12 Principles as they relate to distinct audit requirements. 

Participants who successfully complete this course (including an examination) will be awarded a WRAP certificate, valid for two years, and will be qualified to lead WRAP audits during that time. To maintain that qualification, auditors must take our “One-Day Refresher Training” once every two years.

APSCA requires its member auditors to complete 48 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) training each year, and this course is recognized by the association’s CPD program. Completion of this course fulfills 16 hours towards APSCA’s minimum CPD requirements.


Auditors employed by WRAP-accredited monitoring firms.

Admission requirements


Topics Covered

  • WRAP’s 12 Principles and requirements
  • Audit planning and program initiation 
  • How to conduct social compliance audits ethically and effectively
  • Importance of management systems 
  • Excessive working hours control and action plans
  • Health and safety policies 
  • Risk management
  • Environmental best practices
  • Verification of security infrastructure (with CTPAT as a model)
  • Reporting audit findings and implementing corrective action plans
  • Audit conclusions and recommendations
  • Confidentiality and documentation 
  • Tips for identifying fake documents
  • Best practices for opening and closing meetings
  • Case study examples

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