Knowledge is the first step to success in any social compliance program, and WRAP's footing on that path is rock solid.

All of our auditors must attend WRAP's 5-day Lead Auditor Training course that shows them how to spot objective indicators of a compliant facility and ensure that the social systems implemented by that facility can stand up to WRAP's standards. For production units, we offer a comprehensive Internal Auditor Course that shows them what it means to be WRAP-certified and teaches them how to turn social compliance principles into everyday practices within their facilities. We are also very excited to offer a comprehensive Fire Safety Awareness Course that focuses on minimizing fire risk.

Courses offered


Internal Auditor Training

An ideal introduction to social compliance auditing.


Lead Auditor Training

Course is intended for representatives of WRAP's Monitoring Firms.


Fire Safety Training

Provides valuable information about the critical topic of fire safety within garment facilities.


CTPAT for Foreign Manufacturers Training

Designed to be the building blocks for overseas production facilities to institute effective security practices.


In addition to our in-person training offerings, WRAP will start offering distance-learning courses. These online modules will enrich and enhance an individual's knowledge of core subject matter on important topics such as social auditing and systems management.

Introduction to Risk Assessment

Recognizing that a well-prepared Risk Assessment can save lives, WRAP developed an Introduction to Risk Assessment course. The course is designed to provide insight and teachable skills regarding the assessment and management of risks. This course will help facility managers create and conduct Risk Assessments and it will also help buyers in reviewing such assessments provided by their manufacturing partners.

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