Our President and CEO, Avedis Seferian, will be a featured speaker in a session at the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)’s 2023 Washington Trade Symposium. For the first time, this event will be hybrid; it will be held in-person in Washington D.C., but can be attended virtually from anywhere in the world. Our session, “Audit Fatigue in the Age of Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence,” will explore the implications of the current regulatory landscape for both buyers and manufacturers with regards to the numerous audits facilities must undertake each year.

We work with thousands of production units around the world, and have seen firsthand the impact of audit fatigue on factory workers, management, and operations. We also work closely with countless leading brands and retailers, and know the importance of reserving funding and resources for critical business functions. Across the value chain, both buyers and manufacturers are navigating a changing landscape. In this era of enhanced supply chain due diligence regulations in a global economy that is struggling, buyers need to reevaluate their social compliance efforts and be cautious about straining their own resources and placing undue burdens on suppliers.

We invite industry leaders across the globe to join our discussion; follow the link below to learn more and register!

2023 Washington Trade Symposium
“Audit Fatigue in the Age of Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence”
Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 11 a.m. ET