AAFA 越南采购行业对话

美国服装和鞋类协会 (AAFA) 政策高级副总裁 Nate Herman 与我们的总裁兼首席执行官 Avedis Seferian 坐下来讨论在越南的采购问题,并回顾了 AAFA 最近在柬埔寨和印度举办的社会责任研讨会。


社会责任审核如果进行得当,可以发挥重要作用;但让工厂在短时间内接受多次、重复的评估可能弊大于利。阅读 WRAP 总裁兼首席执行官 Avedis Seferian 撰写的这篇专栏文章,详细了解审计疲劳对全球的影响。

Audit Fatigue: New Approaches to a Chronic Problem

In a recent webinar hosted by our friends at the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), WRAP’s President and CEO discussed the history of audit fatigue in manufacturing facilities and best practices for devising practical solutions. The full recording of this session is available here.

RBA 2023 Annual Conference Session: The Transformation of Audits — Are audits going away or just changing shape?

Supply chain social and environmental audits have evolved over time to improve their quality, stakeholder engagement, and overall impact. While site-level audits alone are not sufficient or always suitable for companies to identify and address all risks, they are still an important component of corporate supply chain due diligence systems, which enables companies to get […]

WRAP sponsors CAF webinar on forced and child labor regulations in Canada

The Government of Canada is increasingly targeting forced labor and child labor in supply chains. An upcoming webinar hosted by our friends at the Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF) will help businesses across the country understand the ever-growing web of legislation and governmental measures and prepare for their May 2024 reporting obligations. Our President and CEO […]

Driving Due Diligence: Better Practices for Audits and Certifications (webinar)

The avalanche of tightening new supply chain laws across the globe has left both retailers and their suppliers in a bind. With so many requirements to meet – and such a high risk of legal and reputational damage associated with lapses – companies are facing higher costs created by mounting inefficiencies, confusion, and audit fatigue. […]

AAFA Industry Chat on Nearshoring

American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) Senior Vice President of Policy Nate Herman sat down with our President & CEO, Avedis Seferian, to discuss the implications of nearshoring for the United States market and the opportunities it presents for brands and retailers.

DELIVER Americas 2023

WRAP’s President and CEO, Avedis Seferian, will be a featured speaker at DELIVER Americas 2023. His session will explore the importance of social compliance verification in the era of mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD). Follow the link below to learn more! DELIVER Americas 2023“The Evolving Landscape of the ‘S’ in ESG: Why Supply Chain […]

AAFA Industry Chat on Due Diligence

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA)’s Senior Vice President of Policy, Nate Herman, recently sat down with WRAP’s President and CEO, Avedis Seferian, to review the due diligence themed series of discussions from the AAFA’s Traceability Conference and Social Responsibility Committee meeting. Tune in now at the link below!

WRAP CEO discusses third-party compliance verification in Sri Lankan facilities

Avedis Seferian, WRAP’s President and CEO, recently joined the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) to discuss why manufacturers in Sri Lanka are increasingly investing in third-party social compliance verification. Read his full comments in this article from Fibre2Fashion. (Paid subscription may be required to view article)

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