Chi phí bao nhiêu để được chứng nhận WRAP? (UPDATED: WRAP’s New Pricing Structure)

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) is a non-profit social compliance verification organization, the largest independent, factory-based certification program in the world. Our funding model is entirely fee-for-service; we do not charge membership dues, solicit government grants, or turn to foundations or charitable donations for funds. All of our operational expenses are covered by revenues generated from our services. We work hard to deliver value while keeping costs and fees low, and the last time we increased our registration fees was back in 2010, well over a decade ago. However, to continue being able to deliver the high value for which we have become known, we must make investments that facilitate growth – including making IT system upgrades and adding new staff in regions that require more resources.

We have had to give serious thought to the fees we charge and we know we are not alone in this regard. But we are mindful of the financial strain businesses are facing in the current global economic landscape – a burden felt especially by small facilities who naturally have fewer resources at their disposal (in fact, over the past 18 months, we have been conducting a pricing pilot that offers certain smaller factories a reduced application fee).

With all of that in mind, we are announcing a new pricing structure which will reduce the application fee for facilities with 200 workers or fewer (which represent 30% of the facilities in our program) and increase the fee for larger facilities. The lower fee will be available to eligible facilities starting September 1, 2023, but the higher fee will not go into effect until January 1, 2024.

The new fees do not include the price of the audit, which is set by the individual monitoring firms and paid directly to them by the facility seeking certification. Xem trang chứng nhận của chúng tôi để biết thêm thông tin.

Currently, our registration fee is US$1,195. Starting September 1, 2023, the pricing pilot will end and all facilities with 100 or fewer workers will pay only $650 while facilities with a worker count between 101 and 200 will pay $950. Beginning on January 1, 2024, facilities with 201 – 1,000 workers will be charged $1,350 and facilities with 1,001 workers or more will be charged $1,550. The figure below provides this information as a table.

WRAP’s mission remains the same as it was when we were founded 23 years ago – to ensure safe and responsible working conditions while helping suppliers grow their businesses by meeting or exceeding buyers’ social compliance expectations. We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in our team, making WRAP the premier certification program for this industry. We remain fully committed to our mission and to working with you to promote socially responsible supply chains.

Why is WRAP raising its application fee?
We are lowering the fee for 30% of our facilities and instituting a price increase for larger facilities to ensure we can continue to make necessary investments and provide the high-quality services expected by our stakeholders. Our team has worked hard to delay price increases for more than 10 years.

If I apply before September 1, 2023, and I have fewer than 200 workers, what is the fee?
If you are not exporting finished goods, you will still have access to the pilot program registration fee of US$595. If you are an exporting facility, the price will be $1,195 until September 1, 2023. Then it will be reduced, consistent with the pricing table above.

Please note that all Indian facilities with under 200 workers qualify for the pricing pilot fee of $595 regardless of whether they export finished goods and will see their fees increase in September in accordance with the above table.

If we have more than 201 workers and we apply this year, what fee will we pay?
You will pay the current fee of $1,195. The increases will go into effect on January 1, 2024.

When is the worker count established, in the application or at the time of the audit?
The application fee is paid based on the number of workers that are reported at the time of application. However, WRAP will compare the number of workers reported on the application against the number of workers recorded at the time of the audit and if there is difference that impacts the facility’s fee category, WRAP reserves the right to withhold certification until the correct fee (based on the audited worker count) is paid.

Ai có thể tìm kiếm chứng nhận WRAP?

WRAP certificates can only be granted to individual production units. Holding companies, brands, and retailers are not eligible to apply. Furthermore, our certification program is mainly focused on sewn products, apparel, footwear, and related industries.

Làm thế nào để một cơ sở sản xuất được chứng nhận WRAP?

Attaining a WRAP certificate involves a five-step process. It begins with the production facility filing an initial application with WRAP and paying the registration fee. Then the facility will conduct a pre-audit self-assessment (PASA) of its compliance with WRAP’s 12 nguyên tắc, which is followed by an audit conducted by one of our accredited monitoring firms. The report from that audit is sent to WRAP to be reviewed by our compliance team. An independent review board will then decide whether to issue a certificate. Xem trang chứng nhận của chúng tôi để biết thêm thông tin.

Mất bao lâu để được chứng nhận WRAP?

Nó phụ thuộc vào sự chuẩn bị của cơ sở tại thời điểm nộp đơn. Có thể mất ít nhất sáu tuần để được chứng nhận nhưng có thể mất từ 2 đến 6 tháng, hoặc trong một số ít trường hợp thậm chí lâu hơn, kể từ thời điểm nộp đơn đăng ký để được cấp chứng chỉ.  See our certification page for more information.

Làm cách nào để biết cơ sở có được chứng nhận WRAP hay không?

A list of currently certified facilities can be found on our bản đồ thế giới. To have your facility displayed on the map, please email our Compliance Administration department.

Tôi có thể nhận một chứng chỉ WRAP duy nhất cho nhiều cơ sở không?

Không. Mỗi đơn vị phải trải qua quá trình riêng biệt.

Một thương hiệu nhất định tuyên bố được chứng nhận WRAP. Điều này có đúng không?

No. Brands and retailers themselves cannot be WRAP-certified. We only audit and certify individual production units.

Làm cách nào để biết liệu quần áo của tôi có được sản xuất tại một cơ sở được WRAP chứng nhận hay không?

Chuỗi cung ứng hàng may mặc và giày dép rất dài và phức tạp, khiến rất khó để gắn nhãn bất kỳ một chuỗi cung ứng nào trong số chúng là được sản xuất hoàn toàn trong các cơ sở được WRAP chứng nhận. Ví dụ: trong khi quá trình lắp ráp cuối cùng của một chiếc áo sơ mi có thể đã diễn ra trong một cơ sở được chứng nhận WRAP, thì vải, cúc áo hoặc các thành phần khác có thể đã được thực hiện trong một cơ sở không được chứng nhận WRAP. WRAP không phải là một tổ chức hướng tới người tiêu dùng; chúng tôi không duy trì một hệ thống để gắn thẻ hàng may mặc và giày dép được sản xuất tại các cơ sở được chứng nhận của chúng tôi. Tuy nhiên, một số thương hiệu và nhà bán lẻ đã chọn chỉ ra trên trang web của họ liệu họ có lấy nguồn từ các cơ sở được WRAP chứng nhận hay không.

What companies accept WRAP certificates?

Over 700 buyers, brands, and retailers around the world accept our certification, though each of them does so in varying ways according to their own unique social compliance programs. WRAP continues to be the most widely accepted independent certification in the sewn products industry. Some companies may choose to accept a WRAP certification in lieu of their own audits, while others prefer to accept WRAP certifications only for facilities where they themselves have conducted the initial inspection. Some companies have also elected to accept WRAP certificates only in specific countries, or solely for their licensees, or only in facilities that have been audited by a particular firm. If you are a vendor looking for more information about how a specific brand utilizes WRAP, please liên hệ chúng tôi.